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Welcome to the homepage of our Kangal Breeding Station „From Czech Heart“. We are located in the town of Petřvald, in Northern Moravia region, the Czech Republic. Our station was founded in 2011 when we imported our first dog Filo Kangal du Bonnie Blue Flag. He was brought over from France as an 8-week-old puppy  with the intention to bring new blood to the Czech Republic, and, in an ideal case, to become a stud dog.  He proved to be a good choice (4x BOB 2011, 4x BOB 2012 and 1x Salzburg World Dog show Winner 2012, 1x winner of breed Crufts 2013 Birmingham). Today, Filo is a "supporting stone" of our breeding station and we hope to present his genetic potential.

Having this in mind we looked carefully for a suitable  female and cross which would bring excellent offspring. That is why on 26 November, 2011 we brought over from France a three-year-old female Dikim. She is distinguished by fantastic musculature of pelvic limbs, perfect locomotion and excellent joints (DKK A/A). At the same time, she has a fine wide head, perfect occlusion, and generally presents excellent health originating in harsh natural selection in Turkey. In France, Dikim had already reared one litter, and it was namely due to the puppies we decided to acquisite the female. The litter was outstanding: fine heads, brilliant limbs, all puppies were of excellent type. In short, we knew we were getting a female who had proven her good qualities.

Now, we have our first litter from Filo and Dikim, and we believe that these puppies will enrich the Europian Kangal population. We would like to support Kangal`s breeding exercise by further successful exhibitions, presentation of puppies, as well as the distribution of frozen insemination doses all around the world.

„Litter B“ female dog video


watch first videos of „litter B“ females...

„Litter B“ pictures


have a look at some new pictures of our „litter B“ puppies...

„Litter B“ puppies


on Sunday 14th July 2013 the second litter at our breeding station was born...

„Litter B“ puppies


first 5 puppies have arrived: 3 males and 2 females...

„Litter B“ puppies


by mid-July we expect our litter B puppies to be born from our two dogs imported from France: female Dikim and male Filo....



Our wonderful Filo won BOB at the world`s biggest dog exhibition CRUFTS 2013 in Birmingham!!...



in TM Zadebie breeding station`s gallery new pictures of our Fila`s puppies appeared…...