Terms and conditions

For us, breeding Kangal dogs is definitely not a way of making money, we do it out of a mere interest. On the other hand, good quality has to be evaluated. That is why we make our business terms public  and we make a commitment to follow them. We want to promote high quality genetics, we want it to be relatively affordable, and we would like to see it increase worldwide. So far, the Kangal breeders community in the Czech Republic has been very reliable, and therefore we believe you will not come across cheating, bribed assessments and unfair treatment at the exhibitions. There are no breeders among us who would do it for a living and thus would advance their own financial interests.

Following are the rules for mounting by our pedigree dog Filo Kangal du Bonnie Blue Flag: we only let registered Anatolian Shepherd Dog females to get mounted. The female has to be at least 18 months old, healthy and safely managable. The covering cost is 1000 euro per one female dog. The sum is payable after puppies` birth. In case there is no live puppy born, you do not pay. At female dog`s arrival for the mating we can examine vaginal cytology, or progesteron concentration in blood in order to set the most convenient date for mating. These tests are paid for by the femal`s owner. In case your female dog has already born a litter from our male dog, the price of each following insemination decreases by 200 euro.

Rules for purchasing puppies from our breeding station From Czech Heart: our puppies will be advertised at our web pages. Each puppy costs 1000 euro, regardless its sex or other characteristics. We are not going to offer puppies with a health defect. For a period of 8 weeks we guarantee that a puppy can be returned to us in case there occurs a hidden health defect. You can make a reservation for your puppy in advance, however, we recommend to make your choice personally. The reservation becomes binding after half of the price is paid in advance. The puppies are ready to leave at the age of 8 weeks at the earliest. Each puppy will get a Europassport, it will be chipped, vaccinated according to the vaccination scheme, wormed three times, as well as treated for external parasites. We reserve the authorial rights to publish photographs, exhibition information etc. at our web pages and in our evidence for all the puppies from our breeding station. These matters are dealt with at the purchase contract.

„Litter B“ female dog video


watch first videos of „litter B“ females...

„Litter B“ pictures


have a look at some new pictures of our „litter B“ puppies...

„Litter B“ puppies


on Sunday 14th July 2013 the second litter at our breeding station was born...

„Litter B“ puppies


first 5 puppies have arrived: 3 males and 2 females...

„Litter B“ puppies


by mid-July we expect our litter B puppies to be born from our two dogs imported from France: female Dikim and male Filo....



Our wonderful Filo won BOB at the world`s biggest dog exhibition CRUFTS 2013 in Birmingham!!...



in TM Zadebie breeding station`s gallery new pictures of our Fila`s puppies appeared…...